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Alice Jane 'AJ' Riddle FT__Highway_to_Heaven_by_Alina_chan

Alice Jane ‘AJ’ Riddle

Back to Basics
NAME: Alice Jane Riddle
AGE: 23
GENDER: female
OCCUPATION: Alice is a ‘hacker’ employed by Phoenix corp. and implanted with a special cybernetic system designed for her to be able to dive into a system to check for viruses and problems.

Advanced specifications
HISTORY: Alice grew up in an orphanage for most of her life, picked on and mistreated by orphanage bullies and social workers alike for her deep interest in 'old' and 'outdated' things such as paperback novels. As a result, she was a very quiet young girl with no friends, and could often be found reading a book or using a computer. At the age of twelve, she was adopted by Max and Jessica Riddle. Max worked at Phoenix corp as a programmer for their androids and Jessica was a schoolteacher. Neither of the two could have children, so the adoption was a very welcome point in their life. Their home life was relatively happy until her fifteenth birthday, when an attack by Shadowclaw tore them apart. Max, who was the leader of a sensitive project regarding military defenses, was killed when he refused to give up information to the leaders of Shadowclaw Inc. and Jessica was left to raise Alice on her own. Alice vowed revenge on the people who took her father from her, and eventually got a job at Phoenix industries at the age of nineteen, where she underwent the process to become a cyborg, knowing that the abilities it would give her would help her in her job and in her search for a way to bring down Shadowcorp.
With her newfound cybernetic abilities, she quickly climbed her way to the top of the ladder in the hacking division, working on several sensitive government projects, including a sleeper virus. On occasion, she works for other companies and small businesses when they request her help. Her goal was and still is to become a hacker skilled enough to take down Shadowclaw Inc. firewalls and destroy them from within. Several times she was approached by strangers asking her to come and work for them, each and every time being turned down due to her suspicions of them being scouters for Shadowclaw. When she turned twenty two, a car crash took her mother’s life as well, leaving Alice alone. She’s not sure, but Alice has a feeling the crash was no accident. It’s just one more thing she has to investigate in her pursuit of Shadowclaw’s downfall.

PERSONALITY: Alice is kind and a bit blunt, usually saying exactly what she’s thinking or feeling. Around her friends, she’s a quiet but fun-loving person, occasionally cracking jokes and smiling. Alone, she allows herself to slow down and focus on thoughts of revenge against Shadowclaw and their like. In the presence of her boss or strangers, she is polite and quiet, rarely showing how she feels or thinks. On most occasions, she can be found with a smile on her face no matter what she is feeling at the moment.

YOU ARE?:Cyborg Class S
ABILLITY As with most cyborgs, her mind can process information at high speeds and her body has some resilience to it, but her specialty is the ability to fire electromagnetic pulses radially from her body, affecting everyone but her, as well as control electrical fields to some degree. As everyone has an electromagnetic field, even humans, this is a very useful and dangerous ability, which she doesn't use very often.

HOPES (Likes):
Books, especially classics. Electronics may be advanced, but the simple things, such as paperback novels still bring her much enjoyment
Computers. She likes to spend some of her free time 'diving' into games and programs, often for money to help work out bugs and glitches in the matrix. (sorry, couldn't help myself)
Dancing and cooking. They are great stress relievers and she is proud of her cooking ability, since it was one of the things her mother taught her. Dancing is an outlet for her anger and other emotions when they get to be too much for her.

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
Rude people and those who make a mess
Pointless arguments that only delay progress rather than help it along
Jell-O. It’s just… too wiggly. Seriously, who thought of it? Were they all like, 'Oh, I shall make a wiggly substance that looks like goo and have people eat it!' Ugh. That's just too creepy.

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