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Lillyana (Lily) Wildchild

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NAME: Lillyana Lily Wildchild
AGE: 16
GENDER: female

Advanced specifications
HISTORY: Lily, as she lkes to be called, grew up in a poor foster home. All She new about her parents was that her father was killed, and her mother was arested for killing him, Though she swears up and down that it was a cyborg that killed her husband. Lily belives her cus she saw it happen when she was six. Her family was the head organizers for protesters against the use of robitics in daily lifes. Robots and cyborgs where everywhere...all around her. But she still hated them. Feared them. She grew into a deep depression after a year, and the only way out, the only way she could comuntact was though her art. She hardly ever spoke, but always drew. her pencil Is her bestfriend, her notebook, her voice.

PERSONALITY: Her personality is dark at frist, hateful and cold. but in truth she is lonely and scared, all the time. She is quite, hardly talks, barely eats, rarely sleeps, When she does talk, her answers are short and to the point. "Yes, No, Go away." are her main words. She likes to tell stories with her art. She is happyest when someone enjoys her artwork, and when she draws.

HOPES (Likes):
blank paper

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
artist's block
chatter boxes
Lillyana wildchild
Lillyana wildchild

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