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NAME: James Kempu
AGE: 29
OCCUPATION: Owns the bar

Advanced specifications
HISTORY: James has always been your standard man. He grew up in a home where you had to mask your feelings and change who you were to please people. He grew up to be an actor of classical plays which led him all over the world teaching people the importance of classical plays. Until one night when he was 23 years old he ended up in a car crash. Phoenix Corp decided to save his life by trying something never done before.

It took 3 days to do it but all the cells in his body were converted into nano machines able to form into anything that he so desires. He was intended to be the newest under cover cop, but the police would not take him. Therefore he is now a free man spending all his days in his fathers old bar. Which he now owns and runs.

PERSONALITY: James is a nice person and usually he is the ears of the bar. If someone has a problem he is usually the one they go to to be served and just forget about lifes issues. He is a caring warm fellow who has a nice heart and a good friendly personality. James has always been a nice fellow but there is one type of person he is rude to, people who abuse women. They are not even people in his mind, and do not deserve life.
YOU ARE?:Cyborg Type S
He is able to control his cells letting him do anything he wants, he can take shapes of other people, animals, or even just augment himself. Since he is able to take any cell in his body and assign it to do something, he could just increase his muscle, or make his legs run faster. He is able to do anything with his cells that his imagination lets him

HOPES (Likes):
♥Friendly people
♥The tavern

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
♦Mean people
♦Shadow Inc

James Kempu
James Kempu

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