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NAME: Riona Saleh Carter
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Musician - currently unemployed

Advanced specifications
HISTORY: Riona, or Rio as her friends called her lived a pretty inoccuous life up until her 18th birthday. She grew up in a small, seaside town a few hours outside the city. Since the town was so small she didn't even have any association with Phoenix Corporation or Shadowclaw Incorporated, and although she had heard of cyborgs and androids in passing, most of the people in the village still used the "old" way of doing things instead of relying on a technology that the older folks deemed unnecessary. Like most of the inhabitants of her town, Rio grew up on the water and could swim from an early age. She put a lot of work and effort into competing pretty heavily and the competitions took her into the city off and on. Throughout her school ages she had a few relationships that turned sour, making her weary of divulging a whole lot of information about herself from the get go. However, she did enjoy meeting new people and creating acquaintances in the places that she travelled.

It was upon her 18th birthday that things changed, while travelling into the city to celebrate her birthday the car she was travelling in got in an accident and ended up in the water. She was told, upon waking, that if it wasn't for her not wearing a seat belt that she would've met the same fate as the other people in the car which included her parents and two of her friends from her home town. As it was, an employee from Phoenix Corp had seen the accident and ended up "saving" Riona. The damage to some parts of her body from the crash were pretty severe and were fixed with nanos and microparticles which gave her the ability to control and manipulate water as well as breathe under water. After recuperating she left Phoenix Corp, not holding any particular loyalty to the company.

PERSONALITY: Riona is a bit of a flirt, enjoying the company of others to being alone, except when she is riled or is working on something new. She is a friendly, outgoing person with a slightly sarcastic sense of humour. Her sassy, sometimes overly friendly nature has gotten her into hot water more times than she can count. Although warm and friendly she has a tedency not to give a whole lot of information about herself to strangers, taking a while to trust people. Once friends, she is loyal to that person and will do everything in her power to make sure that they are happy, even if it means putting her own needs aside. She is a bit bull-headed and competitive in nature, and has a perfectionist streak. She likes being able to do her job, and be able to do it well, whatever that job may be.
YOU ARE?:Cyborg - Type S
ABILLITY(Limited by type) After the "accident" Phoenix Corp. rebuilt some of her damaged lungs and air passage ways with tiny micro-particles that functioned on the terrestrial surface as they should, allowing air flow but allowing her to breathe while underwater without the aide of any machinery. A side effect of this new found ability was not only her affinity for the water element but her ability to control it provided its available in some form whether it be condensation or a body of water.

HOPES (Likes):
Meeting New People
Having a good time

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
Trying to be controlled
Obnoxious/Rude People
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