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Post  Admin on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:03 pm

In summary an Android is a character that can be altered to a smart man or woman's will. They can be disabled with EMP devices because the further from human the android is, the less free will it has. Androids ARE robots pretty much. They do not look like humans most of the time, usually they look like pure robots.


-Type H-
Type H androids are androids that still are part human, they have at minimum a human brain. Some still have human eyes, but for the most part they are all mechanical. These robots can have obedience chips planted in their brain. And can easily be controlled by radio frequency devices.

-Type N-
No human intelligence exist in this piece of technology. It has limited intelligence kind of like an ogre. It can surpass any cyborg or androids strength or ability, however due to the fact that it has no human components, it can be easily defeated by EMP devices. It is usually used for menial jobs, not combat.


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