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Post  Ainsley Hart on Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:35 pm

More formally known as Hart Security Corporation, Hart-Sec is a small company founded by Ainsley and Hadley Hart.

Essentially, in function, they are mercenaries. Hart-Sec employs several neutral cyborgs on a case by case basis; most of them are people Ainsley knows well and has worked with before. At this point for anyone to be hired, Hart requires that someone she knows well on her team must vouch for them.

Most of the time Hart-Sec is known for providing security for parties and other social events where both Shadowclaw Inc. and Phoenix Corp. employees may be in attendance. This usually means working with the city police, as officially the city tries to take a neutral stance. This doesn't mean that both companies get along well with Hart-Sec, however. Shadowclaw Inc. sees them as problematic because of their refusal to take bribes and look the other way. Hart-Sec is an honest organization. Their usual fare is less "kill this person" and far more "protect this convoy", "make sure no fights start at this party", "provide protection for this scientist".

The Hart-Sec offices are in the lowest levels of a three-story brownstone in a central area of the town. Although Ainsley technically has an office, she is rarely in it. Hadley's office is far more luxurious, as it is his workspace where he sees clients and signs contracts. There is also a warehouse-like back room that used to be a garage; this is storage for extra armor, ammunitions, and weaponry. The only way to get into this room is through a lock that requires a corneal scan to confirm identity. The upper two floors are their living space: the kitchen, living room, and Hadley's bedroom/bathroom on the second floor, and Ainsley's bedroom/bathroom and a work-out room on the third floor.
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