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The offical recruitment stattement  Empty The offical recruitment stattement

Post  James Kempu on Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:08 pm

The city of Chyron is the stage for an underground war between the company Phoenix Corp and Shadow Inc. The struggle is something not everyone knows about, however the police side with Phoenix and Phoenix in turn is what people consider to be the good side of this ying yang coin. In this war humans have been turned into superhumans by either company. Every Cyborg as they are called look EXACTLY like a human. They are humans with superpowers as far as any normal citizen is concerned.

In this world you can play a cyborg, which again is a human enhanced by science to be better than a human would normally be. Or an Android, which is basically just a robot. You can also play a human if sci-fi is not your thing. This role play has more than just an underground war, there can be romance, love, lust, everyday problems. This role play is for everyone, not just sci-fi buffs. So do not fret if you do not usually do role plays like this.

The website is all one city and is one roleplay, we hope you come see us in Cyborg city, we are a growing community with people you will fall in love with. The chatbox is lively and full of characters. We welcome you to join us here at CC where we are not only a role play site but a group of friends. Come join us wont you?
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