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NAME: Nicole Jaime DeSevren Myles
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Unemployed – Street Busker

Advanced specifications
HISTORY: Nicole was born into a perfectly normal family. She had an older brother, Jason, and two loving parents who divorced when she was twelve, but maintained a civilised relationship after their break-up for Jason and Nicole’s sakes. To anyone reading Nicole’s medical or academic records, it will be clear that she led a perfectly normal childhood, achieving mostly B grades with the occasional A, and never having any real problems. Her parents let her make her own decisions, but kept her under control.
When she was in high-school, she began to develop an interest for Psychology and Criminology, and at the age of nineteen she moved straight to college. It wasn’t Ivy League- nothing hugely elite or special, but nothing bad either. Ordinary, just like pretty much everything in her life. There wasn’t really anything wrong with her life- she got on well at college, but not everything went quite according to plan. Fall-outs with friends and one particularly bad breakup caused Nicole to pack her things and drop out, half-way through her fourth year. She’d always had a bit of a passion for music- she’d always been good at it- so she decided to try her luck. She picked her guitar up and drove all over the place, playing in bars trying to get record deals.
Recently, her musical career, which was virtually non-existent to start off with, has it rock bottom. A few weeks ago she found herself in Chyron city, and managed to convince a landlord to let her rent a shabby little flat. Now she’s playing on the streets to scrape up enough money to keep up with the rent, while secretly hoping to get a decent job.
PERSONALITY: The main reason Nicole didn’t go back to her mother’s house after dropping out of her college was her pride. Despite the fact that she’s not exactly living a life to be proud of, she still holds her head high and refuses to let anyone put her down. The time on the road has taught her to be tough, much tougher than she used to be. She has an extremely dry sense of humor, and often appears to have two faces; one warm and youthful, the other icy and defensive. One thing that’s true no matter what side she’s showing is that she remains perfectly ordinary, which is possibly the reason for her failure in the music industry.
HOPES (Likes):
♥ Drinking
♥ Being on the road
♥ Arguing

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
♦ Nosiness
♦ Tea
♦ Men who spend longer getting ready in the morning than she does.
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