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Elodie Aiko Hawke

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NAME: Elodie Aiko Hawke
AGE: Nineteen
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Elodie works as a waitress in her family owned tea house.

Advanced specifications

Elodie grew up in a wealthy, yet very strict and tight knit household. She lived with a workaholic mother and father and three very protective older brothers. Her parents often pushed her to do well in school which shaped her as the perfectionist she is today. Elodie is very intelligent, some might even call her a genius. She has always been interested in art and science and how things work. As a result, she is very intrigued by the cyborgs who roam the town and is yet to befriend one.

The family owns a few successful restaurants and tea shops in Chyron city and expect Elodie to take over the family business when she gets older. Elodie is unsure of what exactly she wants to do in life, but is exploring the many possibilities in college. So far, she knows she wants to do something artistic and creative. Owning the family business never seemed appealing, but very may well be unavoidable. For now, she just wants to live our her life day by day and take things slow. There are so many mysterious of the world that have yet to be explored and understood. Elodie wants to absorb all the information she can in order to become a more well rounded individual.

PERSONALITY: Elodie is an open minded girl with a refreshing personality. She hates confrontation and always sees the world in an optimistic way. Family and friendship are the most important things to her and she will do anything for them. As an overall artist, she appreciates the fine details in life that most people don't acknowledge. Elodie has a good sense of loyalty, humor, and can be very affectionate. Although she has a genuine heart, she can also be very stubborn and dangerously curious.

HOPES (Likes):
♥ Tea
♥ Creativity
♥ Learning

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
♦ Agressiveness
♦ Loud noises
♦ Violence
Elodie Hawke
Elodie Hawke

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