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Back to Basics
NAME: Ainsley Pearl Hart
AGE: 33
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Specialized Paramilitary Operations, especially recovery of hostages, general scouting, and infiltration. For the moment, she tends to offer her services to the highest bidder - so, in essence, a mercenary, though she does claim to have a conscience and works with the local police. Officially, her occupation is CEO of Hart Security Corporation.

Advanced specifications

PERSONALITY: Short, to the point, and blunt. Ainsley doesn't take much from people. Although she generally keeps her temper under control, she simply just does not put up with rudeness. If someone gives her offense she quickly lets them know that she's not going to stand for it. If you play by her rules and respect her authority, she is actually a rather easygoing leader. She's been known to play cards with security forces hired for larger jobs, and make sure they get a free pizza if they have to work through a meal. She does seem to have a protective streak, especially with Hadley - very much like an older sister looking after a brother. Although she is somewhat pretty, she is very far from the typical feminine ideal. It's hard to get her into civilian clothes at all, much less a dress or anything 'girly'. She also doesn't seem interested at all in romance - at least when it comes from men, anyway...

YOU ARE?:Cyborg, type H (though a bit of a 'prototype' in that respect - technology has since advanced)
ABILITY: Strength, agility, and speed are all increased. She is also an amazingly good shot, having the ability to process and handle information much more quickly for short bursts of time - e.g., occasionally to her time will seem to 'slow down' so she can line up a perfect shot.

HOPES (Likes):
Everything must be clean. Everything must be organized. Everything must be in good working order. This is not negotiable.
Target practice.
Heavy weaponry, though she doesn't use such large ordinance often.

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
High heels. She simply doesn't understand them.
Long hair - or, rather, HER hair when it gets long enough to be a problem.
Anyone who stares too long at her breasts and/or butt, or writes her off as just another pretty lady.


Although both Ainsley and Hadley have pasts, for the vast majority of that time, they simply don't remember who or what they were. Around seven years ago, both of them were apparently in catastrophic accidents in a few towns over - a community with heavy prejudice against cyborgs. Both of them ended up in medically induced comas under the care of a certain Dr. Henry Carian. Although he seemed like a perfectly respectable specialist, in reality, Dr. Carian was a cyborg specialist who was working on techniques on the fringes of legality. He told both Ainsley and Hadley's families that there was nothing more that he could do, and convinced them to sign a document allowing him to 'harvest organs'. Because of this, both families had closed-casket funerals. They didn't notice that they happened to be burying used tires instead of their loved ones.

Dr. Carian was convinced that if he developed new technology that was stunning enough, he would, at the very least, be given a top spot in Shadowclaw Inc. - if not outright start a bid war between the two companies, leading to his own fame and fortune. As such, he worked on them using a technically illegal technique. This ended up wiping away most of their memories, leaving knowledge intact, or perhaps even inserting knowledge where there hadn't been any before (Ainsley's perfection in aiming a gun has been called 'clinical', after all). The technique has been banned because when it goes wrong, it often causes irreversible brain damage. There's also no telling for how many unlucky subjects were 'discarded' before Ainsley and Hadley.

Dr. Carian's plan was beautifully simple: make a pair of super-cyborgs able to infiltrate almost any scenario, super-spies as well as super-soldiers. Unfortunately for him, his improvements to Ainsley's metabolic system caused an unforeseen consequence. When she was nearly finished (and work was about a third of the way through for Hadley), she woke up. And she woke up angry. And she woke up highly proficient in small arms use and combat.

Roughly three years since they both were taken, Ainsley calmly shot Dr. Carian in the head once, execution-style, after pressing him for information about why she was there and what he was doing with her. Evidently, she would have been much calmer if she had not read her file beforehand, and seen his plans to program her with a control chip - and to make sure she was his personal sex slave as well as the ultimate assassin.

For the next day and a half, Ainsley did her best to clean up Dr. Carian's mess, figuring out what had been done. Although one other test subject was a loss - without Carian's continued work, the young girl became effectively brain-dead - there was still Hadley. She woke him up rather gently, though he was far more confused. Despite the age difference going the other way, it's because of this they almost immediately gained a big sister/little brother sort of bond. She was the one with the plan of what they were going to do - he was the one who was confused and went along with it.

Although Ainsley isn't bothered by wondering who she used to be, Hadley very much is. Perhaps as a side-effect to his unfinished state, he often feels like he knows something just 'on the tip of his tongue', but this never really solidifies into real knowledge. He tends to know a bit more minutiae than Ainsley does - things like how he'll know the restaurant with the best roast beef sandwich in the city, but he doesn't remember who he ate there with, or when he went there before. It's a major source of anxiety in his life, especially as it manifests in recurring dreams - though none of these dreams seem to quite make sense together. Ainsley is tight-lipped on whatever she was able to get from Dr. Carian on the subject. By the time Hadley awoke, she had already burned quite a few of his files.

Incidentally, Ainsley and Hadley were only referred to in Dr. Carian's files by their last names. When they awoke, they decided to take these names as their first names. 'Hart' is the first word Ainsley saw, from the back of a Carhartt jacket that had been folded awkwardly. They decided to take it as their last name, and to present themselves as brother and sister to the outside world.

Since then, they have founded Hart-Sec and settled into a somewhat comfortable life in the city.


More formally known as Hart Security Corporation, Hart-Sec is a small company founded by the two. Essentially, in function, they are mercenaries. Hart-Sec employs several neutral cyborgs on a case by case basis; most of them are people Ainsley knows well and has worked with before. At this point for anyone to be hired, Hart requires that someone she knows well on her team must vouch for them.

Most of the time Hart-Sec is known for providing security for parties and other social events where both Shadowclaw Inc. and Phoenix Corp. employees may be in attendance. This usually means working with the city police, as officially the city tries to take a neutral stance. This doesn't mean that both companies get along well with Hart-Sec, however. Shadowclaw Inc. sees them as problematic because of their refusal to take bribes and look the other way. Hart-Sec is an honest organization.

The Hart-Sec offices are in the lowest levels of a three-story brownstone in a central area of the town. Although Ainsley technically has an office, she is rarely in it. Hadley's office is far more luxurious, as it is his workspace where he sees clients and signs contracts. There is also a warehouse-like back room that used to be a garage; this is storage for extra armor, ammunitions, and weaponry. The only way to get into this room is through a lock that requires a corneal scan to confirm identity. The upper two floors are their living space: the kitchen, living room, and Hadley's bedroom/bathroom on the second floor, and Ainsley's bedroom/bathroom and a work-out room on the third floor.
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Ainsley's posts will come from this account.
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