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Basic Info (READ FIRST)  Empty Basic Info (READ FIRST)

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:45 pm

Chyron city is one of turmoil and crime. Shadow Claw Inc is the criminal cyborg creation company. For over 40 years they have been producing weapons of war and crime, their final goal is to take over the city and eventually the world. The opposing force is Phoenix corp, they produce high quality police cyborgs that some people have begun calling superheros. They also produce minor cyborgs for every day citizens. Basically a cyborg is just a human with super powers. A cyborg is a human with technology integrated inside of them.

The City is like any other modern city, however life in Chyron city is not perfect and of course there is an underground war between Phoenix and Shadow to control the city. There is also the neutral side of things which is much more common of a a thing. This roleplay has it all, violence, romance, and great people!

This means that there is a group against the enhancement of humans via technology, this world is a vast one filled with adventure and fun turning every corner. So care to join our community?

Q: Is this place like gaia/eryna?
A: This is a single roleplay.

Q: So what is this place?
A: Think of it as a world, its a single RP but with many places to roleplay, each forum is a place.

Q: So is this just for Sci-Fi fans?
A: No, it is for everyone, you can play a human and never have to deal with cyborgs

Q: Is a cyborg a robot?
A: No, think of it as a human with super powers. They appear perfectly human.

Statements from the admin

The FAQ is based off real questions I get, I would like to plead with you to give us a shot, your mind may associate cyborg with robot but in this world that is NOT the case, that is an Android in this world. I do hope you give us a shot and if you don't well have fun roleplaying!


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