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Cyborgs look exactly like humans and are indeed mostly human. They have been altered to do a specific job by one of the two companies. Each cyborg has free will however if they are aligned to one of the factions they typically have purpose chips implanted to their brains. Every cyborg has different powers, some are shape shifters, others are pure mechanical strength. Some can even go invisible for short periods of time.

Types of Cyborgs

Built for great strength of agility. Sometimes even built for both. These cyborgs have incredible physical prowess, but they are not very compatible with upgrade chips. They also have limited special abilities. By far they are the workhorse of society.

-Class S-
Built for special abilities, they do not have many physical upgrades, but they can be quite versatile and have several abilities. However none of them are perfect. Specialized class S units however may have one ability that they have perfected. Such as flying, or fire breathing.

-Class H-
There are the Hybrids and they are built to have physical powers as well as a special ability. Usually built for the military. Phoenix Corp produces most of these. However Black Shadow is catching up in technology.


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