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 Luca 82Cl-11913series Android Cute_Anime_Girl_by_TheMrStick

Luca 82Cl-11913series

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NAME: Luca (Life-like Under Cover Android) 82Cl 11913series
AGE: Appears to be a twelve year old girl
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Created for companionship, now programmed for infiltration, espionage, and assassination

Advanced specifications
HISTORY: Luca was created by Pheonix corp. She was part of a line designed for companionship that quickly faded into obscurity due to its general 'creepiness.' As such, not many people know about her type, and she is often mistaken for a little human girl. She somehow escaped being recycled, and wandered the streets of the city for several years before being captured by Shadowclaw Inc. There, she was programmed to become a perfect little spy because no one would suspect a little girl. Somehow, her original programming broke through the overwrite and she rebelled, escaping and finding shelter in the downtown park. She created a home for herself and soon rumors about a little girl who would wander the streets at night and disappear by morning cropped up.
Luca has a memory of owning a kitten when she was a human. As she still has a human brain, she can easily pretend to be completely human, except for those times when the programming Shadowclaw Inc. gave her takes control and she goes into ‘assassination mode.’ Aside from this little problem, Luca is a quiet, curious, and kind android who only wishes for companionship and a place to call her own. She vaguely recalls memories from her human brain, but they are fuzzy at best and only serve to pique her curiosity about humanity. She knows that she does not want to be bad, but her damaged programming has ensured that she is.

PERSONALITY: Curious and quiet, Luca loves to explore and learn new things. She is partial to small animals, like kittens or bunny rabbits. Most of the time she is shy and polite around those she does not know, like shopkeepers and random strangers, and friendly and outgoing with those she does. However, when her personality is overridden by the Shadowclaw programming, she becomes violent and bold, sure of herself and her abilities. She becomes cold and distant to everyone, friends and foe alike, ruthlessly completing her job or whatever she came to do at the time of her mood switch.
YOU ARE? Android (Type H)
ABILLITY superhuman reflexes and strength

HOPES (Likes):
finding a reason for her existence and not being a mindless killer
owning a kitty
finding a home

TURN OFFS (Dislikes):
mean people
anyone on her target list
being deactivated


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